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Finding People to Follow

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Developing Your Twitter PLN


When you joined Twitter, you took your first step to developing your PLN. There are some things you can do to make your Twitter expience about more than just what you ate for lunch. Here are a few tips to get you started.


  • First, you need to fill out your profile. The more information you put here, the more people will be willing to follow you.. Be sure to include keywords that show what you are interested in. People will follow you based on what you put here. Most people will look at this section when they decide whether or not to follow you back. Also once you find someone you like following, check out that person's profile. It can give you places to start finding people. Anther hint.: Do Not Protect your Tweets. A large number of people won't follow you if you do this. Twitter is a very open and sharing community and protecting tweets runs counter to this philosophy.



  • Check out this Twitter Directory (be sure to list yourself too) and/or use one of the the tools on the list.


```          Twitter4Teachers


            27 Tools to Help You Find and Manage Followers - I especially like Mr. Tweet


  • Sometimes Tweeple will introduce you to others. If they do, be sure to follow their suggestions and thank them.




  • Watch for Follow Friday (#followfriday & #ff) and Teacher Tuesday (#teachertuesday) recommendations. Active Tweeters will recommend those they consider assests to their own PLNs.



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