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Power of the PLN

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On Twitter, It's All About Who You Follow


On Twitter, your Personal Learning Network is made up of the people you follow and those that follow you. These friends and colleagues what makes twitter such a valuable resource. For example:


They post links to resources.



They ask questions that make you think. These questions often spawn intelligent conversations.



They will make insightful comments about things you post




These tweeters can and do offer help. All you have to do is ask.  What follows is a real time problem solving session that began when I messed up my Firefox browser. The entire "tech support" session lasted less than 25 minutes. Try that with any customer service forum.   


Not knowing what to do I tweeted this at 8:18pm (20:18):  








At 8:19pm I received my first tweet of help:



It didn't work so I replied at 8:20pm:



Between 8:22 and 8:42 I received the following tweets:

(Read the following from the bottom up since Twitter posts the most recent tweet at the top)


Shortly thereafter I got it all straightened out.  Without my PLN, I would have spent much more time getting Firefox to work correctly.


So how do you go about finding quality people to follow? Check out the next page.




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