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Sharing the Wealth - Retweeting


When you see a tweet that strikes you as interesting or provides a valuable insight or resource you are encouraged to share it with your network. You need to reemember that not everyone will see the original tweet. They could be offline or (most likely) they aren't following that person. this sharing is called retweeting.


Begin a retweet with RT followed by @username of the person who originally posted the tweet. Sometimes  the original poster is listed at the end of the tweet like this (via @username).  The screenshots below should help clarify this. - [Tweetdeck has a retweet button under each avatar which will insert "RT @username" plus any hastags automatically.]


Retweets are powerful because they spread virally through the Twitter community.  To show this I posted the following tweet to no one in particular and in a little more than 30 minutes it had spread to 11 unique people and their networks. I kept getting retweets for most of the day from many more people. . I should note that I wasn't folowing all of these people at the time I took these screenshots. So when you find something good retweet it.





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